Dear Shiloh

Dear Shiloh Yesterday we said goodbye to my sweet boy, Shiloh. It was the right thing to do for him, even though it broke our hearts into pieces. Here is…

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Trick or Moo

There is no part of our front porch that isn't awkward. It was clearly designed by someone who never personally used a front porch, possibly a space alien or a…

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Gran has no idea how to play guitar.

Gran’s 96th Birthday

Why would we take you to a place called Testi

"All ready for Monday?"
"Yes, except I don't know what we're doing."
"That's because it's a surprise. You know how to dress. You know when you're getting picked up, right?"
"Yes,'re not going to tell me, are you?"


My grandma is pretty amazing. She's turning 96 on Monday. I wanted to 


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