evening in the stacks

What happens in Vintage Vegas…

What happens in Vintage Vegas benefits the Howard County Public Library System – sounds like a win to me! Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Evening in the Stacks: Vintage Vegas such an enormous success! I’m a big fan of any literary gala that…

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Supporting Local Libraries, One Drink At A Time

“Mickey, why are you a Celebrity Bartender again? It’s not like you are a celebrity and you sure aren’t a bartender. I’ve seen you at the fountain soda machine and, frankly? It’s not pretty.” Great question. The first year, I was convinced they accidentally invited the…

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Vintage 50s Hair-Don’ts

Sometimes, you’re working from home and you take a short break and you think, “Self, I could totally test-drive that super intricate pin-curl video tutorial for the 50s glam hairdo for Evening in the Stacks: Vintage Vegas. You know, the one with bobby pins and hair gel….

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