Airport Insecurity
Doing the Dance of My People

Airport Insecurity

Many people fear flying. Me? I fear the endless parade of anxiety-inducing hurdles standing between me and my time in the air. Even purchasing a ticket today requires a specialized…

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A Meditation on Meditation

Audio: “Let's begin today's meditation by taking several deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Now close your eyes and focus on your breath. In. And out. In.…

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It’s Not Easy Being Green
The Dandelion That Ate New York

It’s Not Easy Being Green

*ring ring ring* "Hi, this is your new lawn care expert! How is everything going? “Well, fine, I guess. We’ve only had one treatment so far.” “That’s great!  Well I’m…

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The Great Parking Lot Escape

Once upon a time, you had to pay cash to exit parking garages. That’s it. Cash. No credit cards. No paying ahead and using a little ticket to exit. No…

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